Found at the Book Store Next Door: “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?” by Mindy Kaling

Today at the Book Store Next Door, what staff writer Anna found was way awkward, you guys. Come to 183 Middlesex Avenue between 10:00 and 4:00 today to snag it for yourself!

Is Everyone Hanging OUt Without Me

Image courtesy of Caliber Magazine

Title: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)

Author: Mindy Kaling

What it’s about:Mindy Kaling has quite the career: in addition to acting and writing for the American version of The Office, she’s a successful comedian! This book is roughly about her life. She dispenses hilarious advice (much of it either straight-up awful or subtly clever,) relates her difficult grade school experience (her classmates referred to her as “the whale”,) and discusses how Steve Carrell really is a nice guy. If you need a quick, easy read that’s still smart and fun, this is a great choice from a rising star!

Where: In the Adult Nonfiction room, on the Biography bay, at or near eye level.

Quick Picks Monday: We Are Not Ourselves

Quick Picks Monday brings you a book off Wilmington Library’s Hot Books shelf.  Stop by to check it out today!

We Are Not Ourselves

Image courtesy of The New York Daily News

Critics rave about We Are Not Ourselves, the sweeping, multi-generational epic of an Irish-American family. Eileen Tumulty, whose point of view defines the book, grows up taking care of her alcoholic parents and dreaming of marrying away from her roots and name. When she finally does, her husband, Ed, seems to have no ambitions beyond a quiet teaching job. Frustrated, Eileen pushes him to climb in his career, instigating arguments and nursing her resentment. When Ed is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at 51, Eileen struggles to keep him with her and out of a nursing home. Though the book sounds depressing, it’s written in a calm style that belies its subject matter. Splashes of humor and the love between Eileen and Ed give the book a moving, rather than defeated, tone.

Call the Paranormal Investigators! Books about P.I.s for the other side

They’re ready to believe you. They take the weird cases. The truth is out there. If you’re bothered by strange noises in your attic, don’t hesitate: read about the experts in these uproarious, creepy, and quirky Halloween favorites! Continue to the next page for your titles, if you dare…



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