Call the Paranormal Investigators! Books about P.I.s for the other side

They’re ready to believe you. They take the weird cases. The truth is out there. If you’re bothered by strange noises in your attic, don’t hesitate: read about the experts in these uproarious, creepy, and quirky Halloween favorites! Continue to the next page for your titles, if you dare…



Image courtesy of Portsmouth Public Library

Patron Movie Review: Obvious Child

Obvious Child DVD Cover

Image courtesy of Creative Impact Agency


Movie: Obvious Child

Where is it: New DVDs

The Verdict: I LOVED this film! Five stars!


Patron movie reviews come from the patrons of Wilmington Memorial Library. If you want to review a movie, fill out the blue slip inside of new and hot DVDs!


Found at the Book Store Next Door: Guitar Hero III

Today at the Book Store Next Door, staff writer Anna found her true calling as a rock star. Come to 183 Middlesex Avenue between 10:00 and 4:00 today to snag it for yourself.

Guitar Hero 3 cover

Image courtesy of Guitar Game Reviews

Title: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock

Creator: Activision

What it’s about: To put it simply: you get to be a rock star! With specialized video game equipment, including a kind of toy guitar that functions as a modified game controller, you too can be a rock hero by playing along with the simplified notes on your TV screen for points. It’s tough and addictive, and you won’t actually learn how to play the guitar, but you’ll end up with some pretty sweet gaming skills, anyway. A perfect present for the gamer in your life!

Where: In the media room, on the game shelves, second shelf down.