Found at the Book Store Next Door: The Gods of Guilt by Michael Connelly

Today at the Book Store Next Door, staff writer Anna found a bestseller! Come to 183 Middlesex Avenue between 10:00 and 4:00 today to snag it for yourself.

Title: The Gods of Guilt

Author: Michael Connelly

What it’s about: When brilliant defense attorney Mickey Haller learns that a former client of his has been killed, he immediately blames himself for putting her in harm’s way. But there are so many levels to the case – from a corrupt DEA agent to a high-tech pimp – that it will take all of Haller’s skill to crack the case.

Connelly’s critics say that he brings the courtroom alive. He’s among the most popular authors in crime fiction, and the series that includes The Gods of Guilt inspired the acclaimed movie The Lincoln Lawyer. Better yet, there are now two brand-new copies available at the Book Store Next Door!

Where: On the Fiction shelf beside the staircase, on display.

Quick Picks Monday: Everything I Never Told You by Celeste Ng

Quick Picks Monday brings you a book off Wilmington Library’s Hot Books shelf.  Stop by to check it out today!

Everything I Never Told You

Image courtesy of Oprah

In Everything I Never Told You, a dramatic tale of murder and cultural assimilation, the Lee family struggles to come to terms with a tragic event. Marilyn and James Lee are determined that their beautiful daughter will fulfill the dreams that they were never able to realize. James wants his daughter to be popular and well-liked, a socialite surrounded by admirers. Marilyn wants Lydia to be a doctor instead of a frustrated homemaker. But when Lydia is found dead, the thin threads holding the Lee family together will begin to unravel, starting with James and Marilyn.

Readers describe this book as both gripping and intimate, a portrait of a family already enduring tectonic cultural pressures even before their daughter dies. It’s difficult to believe that such a beautiful book is a debut novel. Secrets, love, race, gender, and expectations all come together through the Lee family’s tragedy, shedding light on the real divisions and connections between them. If you’re a fan of literary fiction, then this is the book for you!

Children’s Picture Books With Recipes

This week;s Friday List is brought to us by Wilmington Memorial Library’s children’s librarian, Barbara Raab!

How great would it be to combine two special bonding opportunities with your kids: reading and cooking?  In recent years, there have been a number of picture books published that have both a compelling story and illustrations AND delicious-sounding recipes.   As an added bonus, many of the books offer an opportunity to learn about and try recipes from different cultural traditions. For a description of some of the newest picture book offerings that include some tempting recipes, click to the next page.


Cook Sign

Image courtesy of Rones